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Flexible Scheduling: How Empowering Employees Can Improve Retention

In today’s modern workplace, the concept of flexible scheduling has gained significant attention. Offering flexibility in how and when employees work can profoundly impact employee retention. But what does flexible scheduling entail, and why does it boost retention?   What is Flexible Scheduling?   Flexible scheduling refers to a work arrangement that allows employees to have more… Read More »

Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion: Why It Matters for Your Hiring Strategy

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations recognize that diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords—they are essential components of a successful and thriving company. Building a culture that values diversity and fosters inclusion is not only the right thing to do, but it also brings significant benefits to your organization.   Keep reading to… Read More »

The Workcation: How Offering Paid Time Off Can Boost Employee Retention

In today’s post-pandemic world, remote and hybrid work is more common than ever. And most job seekers are happy about that – added flexibility and work-life balance are some of the top perks today’s workforce desires, especially members of Generation Z.   But another perk is still just as important for employee satisfaction and retention, perhaps… Read More »

4 Steps to Take When You Suspect an Employee is Stealing from You

It’s a worst-case scenario for many employers, and one that many don’t think they’ll ever face until they do: the possibility that an employee is stealing from your company. Unfortunately, this happens more than you might imagine, especially in today’s world, where things like data theft are just as prevalent as stealing physical assets.  … Read More »

How Long Does a Federal Background Check Take?

Whether you’re an employer, landlord, or anyone else who needs to conduct a background check, you want to choose the right one for your needs. A federal background check is one possibility. As the name suggests, it is a check that occurs on the federal or national level – but what does this mean, exactly?… Read More »

Question: Will a Misdemeanor Show Up on a Background Check Report?

Companies around Buffalo, NY commonly run criminal record searches as a part of their background check process. But what exactly shows up? Do misdemeanor offenses show up on background checks?  The answer is yes, misdemeanors usually do show up on background screenings – but there are some exceptions.   Infraction Vs. Misdemeanor First, let’s define the… Read More »

What is the Distinction Between a Criminal Record Check and a Background Check?

Most people would assume that a background check includes some kind of criminal check – and they would be correct. But background checks and criminal record checks are not exactly the same. So, what is a criminal record check, and what is a background check? And how are these two types of screenings different?  Let’s… Read More »

What Are the Top Reasons for Employers to Conduct Background Checks?

Should Companies in Western New York Still Drug Test for Marijuana?

Background checks are a common occurrence, yet many employers wonder whether a background check is necessary in all cases. Weighing the benefits and risks of background checks is one way employers can make informed decisions about how to use background check information as part of the hiring process.  Here are some of the most common… Read More »

Metrodata Services Wins Fast Track Award

Fun Things to Do in Buffalo New York

Each year Buffalo Business First recognizes the fastest growing companies in Western New York with their Fast Track awards. And for the fifth year in a row, Metrodata Services, Inc. earned a place on the list. This year, Metrodata Services finished in the #5 spot with a three-year revenue growth of 80.23%. Buffalo Business First… Read More »

Why Are Background Checks Important When Hiring in Buffalo NY?

Background Checks in Buffalo New York

You’re in the process of adding a new employee to your Buffalo, NY team. Do you truly need to run pre-employment screening? Although it’s tempting to take a shortcut, that’s not the best idea. Here’s why background checks ARE important when hiring. You Want Your Workplace to Be Safe What if a candidate committed a… Read More »