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Mission Statement

At Metrodata Services, Inc., our purpose is to ensure that your company is making the best possible hiring decision. We anticipate our expertise of the pre-employment screening industry to diminish your burden of hiring a bad candidate. Metrodata believes that long term success is built on the foundation of having a dependable workforce. We are here to make that vision a reality for your company.

History of Metro Data Pre-Employment Screening Services

Founded in 1997, Metrodata Services, Inc., with industry leading background screening technology and relentless investigative services, is currently assisting over 600 organizations nationwide with cutting-edge employment screening services. Metrodata Services has a client retention rate of 99.25% and currently services the pre- and post-employment screening requirements of organizations from all industries and demographics.


We strive to be more than just our clients’ background and employment screening vendor, by establishing ourselves as our clients’ best business partner. We differentiate ourselves from other background screening companies with many intangibles; including our online interface which has the latest industry leading software capabilities and is user-friendly and easy to navigate through. Our focus and continuous dedication to the confidentiality of your applicans’ data is a top priority. Our knowledge and expertise with federal, state and local laws, and regulations across the country keep our clients compliant at all levels and out of public scrutiny. But the foundation of Metrodata that uniquely places us above all other background screening providers is our ability to deliver our customers with an unparalleled level of customer service.

Professional background Screening Association

Metrodata Services, Inc. has achieved the Background Screening Credentialing Council Accreditation. Click here to view the Press Release from the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).

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