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Changing Background Screening Providers? Points Employers Must Consider

Choosing the right screening provider can be a significant decision in safeguarding your firm’s interests and integrity. If your current provider isn’t meeting expectations, it might be time to switch. Consider these factors to identify when and how to make the change. 

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Employment Screening Company 

Deciding to switch your employment screening company isn’t a step to take lightly. However, signs such as slow turnaround times, frequent inaccuracies and service inefficiencies warrant revisiting your current partnership Finding yourself spending too much time clarifying errors in screening reports or following up on tasks within your provider’s domain? It might be time to seek more efficient background screening services. 

Here are a few of the signs that indicate it might be time to consider switching to a different provider: 

  • Poor Customer Service: Difficulty getting timely and effective support from customer service representatives. 
  • Limited Services: Inability to provide a full range of screening services that meet the needs of your business. 
  • Lack of Compliance: Failure to keep up with legal compliance and current laws, resulting in potential liability for your company. 
  • Inaccurate Reports: Frequent errors or inconsistencies in background check reports. 
  • Delayed Results: Excessive turnaround times that delay your hiring processes. 
  • Unclear or Excessive Costs: Pricing structures should be easy to understand with no unexpected fees or costs.  
  • Negative Feedback: Consistently poor feedback from candidates about their interaction with the screening company. 
  • Lack of Customization: An inability to tailor screening services to the specific needs of your business or industry. 

What Should You Look for in Background Screening Services for Employers? 

An ideal background screening service would fall into the sweet spot of comprehensive checks, speed, accuracy, excellent customer service, and adherence to legal and industry regulations. Choose only employment screening companies that check these boxes and more, using advanced tools and technology to offer thorough, reliable, and fast employment screening services in Buffalo and throughout Western New York. 

Are the Employment Screening Services in Compliance with Legal and Industry Regulations? 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines are just a few laws governing employment screening services. A reputable screening provider will navigate these regulations flawlessly and update you with any changes, ensuring seamless, continual compliance for your company. 

Can the Background Screening Services be Customized and Scaled? 

As your business grows and requirements change, the scalability of your background screening services becomes invaluable. Look for employment screening companies that provide customizable options to meet your organizational needs at every stage of growth. 

Compare Costs and Return on Investment for Employment Screening Services 

Price should never be the only factor guiding your decision, especially when choosing the right background screening provider, which can save you from a bad hire. Faster, more accurate results may be a more critical factor in the long run than cost if the employment screening provider offers your company greater protection and delivers a higher ROI. 

Check Background Screening Provider Reviews and Client Testimonials 

Reviews and testimonials bear the weight of real-life experiences. Checking these can help gauge the provider’s competence and reliability. Metrodata Services’ positive feedback from satisfied clients echoes its commitment and exceptional service delivery. 

Does the Employment Screening Company Have a Comprehensive Screening Process? 

An effective screening process should include criminal background checks, identity and trace reports, employment and education verification, and drug testing. To ensure you cover all bases, opt for an employment screening company like Metrodata Services, which offers a comprehensive menu of screening checks customizable to your specific needs. Read our Essential Guide to Pre-Employment Screening 

Metrodata Screening Services for Employers 

Metrodata provides employment screening services for a wide range of industries, including Education, Healthcare, Staffing, Manufacturing, Financial & Legal, and Tenant/Property Management. The list below represents a few of the services we offer to employers. View our services page for the full list and additional information: 

Metrodata is a Trusted Provider of Background Screening Services for Employers in WNY 

As you consider changing your employment screening provider, keep these factors in mind. At Metrodata Services, our key focus is to provide efficient, reliable and compliant background screening services for employers. We’ve been dedicated to offering unmatched service since 1997. We have a client retention rate of 99.25% and currently service the pre-and post-employment screening requirements of hundreds of organizations from all industries and demographics. To better understand how we can meet your screening needs, call us at 716.847.1590 or contact us online. 

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