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Navigating Local Compliance: A Guide to New York Employment Screening Laws

Imagine sailing through the complex waters of New York’s legal system, where each regulation is a buoy guiding you to compliant and effective employment screening. Navigating these waters requires a skilled navigator, aware of every current and undercurrent. In the dynamic world of employment screening, understanding the intricate legal landscape is akin to a captain… Read More »

Balancing Speed and Accuracy in Background Checks: Tips for Employers

Running a Background Check on an Employee | Metrodata Services

In the fast-paced world of hiring, the adage “time is money” often leads to a race against the clock. However, as Juan Enriquez, a futurist and TED speaker, wisely notes, “Speed does not always equal progress.” This is particularly true in the realm of background checks, where the balance between speed and accuracy is crucial.… Read More »

Three Things All Employers Should Know About the Background Screening Process

Conducting background checks on new hires is an important part of the hiring process for many companies. These screenings reveal any convicted felonies or misdemeanors, as well as records from institutions like the Drug Enforcement Administration and the National Sex Offender Registry database. Background checks can also verify education and employment information, in some cases.… Read More »